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Anyone looking to grow a business need look no further than the EverWebinar.


Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime, experts on evergreen webinars and automating marketing, present this webinar to teach business owners and prospective business owners how to grow their businesses. The EverWebinar Reviews are positive and show how people can learn a lot about the topic.

Frankly being an entrepreneur can get overwhelming with so many things to think about:



What all the Gurus talk about creating systems for sucess.  Sound familiar?

The main topics of the EverWebinar are automation (ie EverWebinar means Evergreen webinar, automated webinars) and event marketing. Since this is the second video in a series, the partners first advise the audience that it might be worthwhile to view the first video before continuing on their journey utilizing automated webinars.



Have you ever had one?

Well if not you are in luck because you’d best automate your first one.  That’s just my opinion.

Alot can go wrong.


And you be slipping on a banana peel and making a fool out of yourself, falling flat on your butt!

Well that’s NOT going to happen with EVERWEBINAR.


The viewer who continues on, however, learns that automation and event marketing can be put together to allow for even bigger profits. Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins take turns talking during the presentation. Their Everwebinar review allows viewers to understand the concept of how to help a business grow through automated marketing events.

You will want to watch the men explain the concept of automated events. You will be interested to note that they say it is a very easy strategy to use and one that is successful for most any business. In fact, they talk about the types of businesses that they think their strategy will work for.

First, they describe the start up business, which needs to gain publicity. Next, they talk about the business that has already started up but has needs help since it is not making a good profit. Third, the discuss the business that has reached a ceiling in profits that it would like to break through. Finally, they discuss businesses that provide a professional service like coaches or consultants. The gentlemen explain that each of these types of businesses can benefit from automated marketing events. Since these types of businesses include most businesses, it seems to be a no-brainer that everyone can benefit from the program. The Everwebinar reviews tend to agree with this statement.

So, you may be wondering what Everwebinar bonus exists. The bonus is that the program works so easily. The presenters make a promise to the audience. They promise to share the way they have achieved success using their automated marketing events.

Since there are no downloads to worry about with this program, one can easily succeed. The program is simply run in a web browser.

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Back to Everwebinar

The automated Webinar technology that is available today with Evergreen Webinar makes it all possible. It makes it possible for business owners to make a large amount of profit, even when they do not generate huge amounts of traffic. The way they do this is by automated events. Since the events can be run at any time that is convenient for the customer, each one need not have a large audience. Many events can be happening in a single day. That would not be able to happen if it was not automated.

With automation you can create system which can create viral marketing. Just think Tai Lopez!


Additionally, by allowing the events to happen at the customer’s convenience, the customer feels special. The customer feel like the event is happening just for him. The presenter must make a point of making the customer feel special too. When a customer feels like a VIP, they are more likely to take advantage of your business.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 8.02.20 PM


The Everwebinar review continues on to tell more about how the presentation of the event should be done. You will be interested to find out that the key to producing a valuable event is to make every customer feel that the event provides an excellent value to them.



Next, you will find out the flow of the event. You will learn that the beginning of the event must start with a promise. The presenters must promise that by the end of the program, they will see the value.

They do this by moving on to the second phase of the presentation. IN the second phase, the presenter must tell about how they became successful. They can tell stories of how they grew their business and profits.

They can tell stories of other real people who were successful, and how they achieved success. By offering this information in your presentation, you allow the audience to see that you are knowledgeable. You r knowledge adds value to the presentation, allowing you to be thought of as an expert. An expert is more believable and more valuable than a novice.

The value you add to the presentation adds value to your products can be transformational!


Of course, you will learn about the ending of the presentation as well. By the end of your presentation, Mike and Andy tell us that we need to make an offer to the audience that they just cannot refuse.

We need to make the offer a super one that has guarantees to work. In addition, they advise us to open up a question and answer session at the end of the event. They say that if customers get a chance to ask the simple questions they have, such as payment methods, that they will be more likely to purchase and less likely to ask for a refund later. They will be more satisfied and, they will feel better about the product. This turns into bigger profits for your business.


Once you get these customers to buy into your product, you need to figure out how to keep them. There are several ways to do this. First, you will want to build an email database. The best way to do this is to offer customers something of value in return for their email addresses or “friendship” on social media. Offering a free automated marketing event that promises big value is a great way to do this.

They will get exposed to all of the ideas in your Everwebinar bonus, and you will get their information. Since they are sure to find value in your presentation, they will trust you and open your emails and read your social media comments. It is a win-win situation.

You’ll be having your social media at a touch of ONE button:



Similarly, the presenters’ advice to the audience is to take joint venture partnerships into consideration. These also are a win-win situation. You are giving your joint venture partner access to your automated events and, they share with you.



Oh, wait they look a little different, (they’re white for starters…)



This EverWebinar Review is a good one because the gentlemen are using their system to promote their marketing strategy so they walk the walk. The EverWebinar reviews can help virtually any business to succeed and earn more profits very quickly. Following this simple advice can be a game changer for any business.


Mike Filsaime has always been the pioneer in evergreen webinars.


Ok, not quite like that pioneer. BUT….

He’s still ontop of his game


OK, I dunno if he plays chess.



Watch these videos and you’ll know what to expect

Everwebinar Video 1  Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime unveil the relevance

Everwebinar Video 2 Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime teach you tips with Webinars     Here you’ll learn:

  • How to build list on autopilot

  • Create a Virtual Event that’s so engaging it holds them by the seat of their pants

  • The virtual Event buzz  Strategies that get buyers  automated from day one

  • Traffic secrets,   how to optimize this

  • Case Studies of average people to show you how simple it is

  • What Freemiums are and why they are the King in webinars

  • Whats normally just complicating the process

  • How delivering the perfect format  in  your presentation will boost sales by using a free cheatsheet

  • How to use undeniable buying offers, to turn objections into questions

  • Why the small peccadilloes will actually increase conversions and make you real

  • Why virtual events are the sales techniques of the future.  Hands down.

  • How to post on  Social Media and make money without being percieved negatively

  • And how to get super affiliate partners listen to your every word

Everwebinar Video 3 The Gurus teach the latest  on how your going to automate, sit back in your chair and enjoy the flow of having your own businuss run on autopilot

Watch out Video 4 coming soon



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